Decedy – The ‘Pretty Things’ Single and B-Side.

Decedy – St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


Cover photo credit: C Bauer photography – Click Here.

St. Louis natives Decedy released a two track Alternative Rock/Indie concoction with strong ties to their Classic Rock roots in July of this year. Consisting of the A-side ‘Pretty Things’, itself a laid back smooth rock-jam and a brave cover of The Beatles ‘Something’, they are a band you need to be aware of.

With a number of releases under their belt, the young Missouri trio are definitely set for big things with an extensive gig list, in the past opening for the likes Afroman among others. The band formed in 2009 with guitarist Deric being only ten, drawing influences from Arctic Monkeys to Led Zeppelin to name a few.

‘Pretty Things’ is rhythmic, melodic and expressive, demonstrating the potential of the lyrics (written by guitarist Deric Becker) alongside laid back guitar riffs and gentle drums, the track is very aptly named.

Next is ‘Something’. Standing as possibly one of the best and most touching Beatles songs, it really stands out in any form. The vocals are heartfelt and the peaceful twang of the guitar is just perfect in its tribute. Although there is a slightly more modern almost Oasis-tinged vibe, it’s still an original take on a classic.

With three EP’s on their back, Decedy are already a big player in the Missouri music scene. They merge Classic Rock and contemporary Indie music to create the perfect blend of their inspirations and their own creations.

‘We will never forget we started this band, to make rock music’.

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