Dive Into The Murky Waters With Swamp.

Swamp – Bath, England, United Kingdom.


You’re in Bath one minute but then imagine yourself clambering through a forest to find Tim Burton’s house because he’s hosting a tea party, but the only people at this party are Tim burton the obvious host, Brian Wilson from the The Beach Boys and Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins.

Now imagine as you climbed through the door which is disproportionately small in comparison to the house, just like the scene from Alice In Wonderland, you’re greeted with a red drink. You take a massive swig and sit back back as the world goes to from black and white to technicolour and thirty minutes later it’s hit – ‘OH GOD WHAT IS IT?’

Of course you know in the back of your mind Tim Burton’s spiked you with acid… What a dick head! You look up from the forever interweaving multicoloured floor too see Tim Burton, Brian Wilson and Buzz Osbourne jamming as a band. If you can picture this you’re getting pretty damn close to how Swamp sound…

‘Shiver’ is forever interweaving through sonic structures, kicking off with ambient-noise looping around creating an eery atmosphere not too dissimilar to a Stanley Kubrick film Soundtrack. It then employs a dose of Doom which weaves through your ears and before you nod off goes into a crunchy Hardcore Punk influenced riff. It travels to and from these notions peeling your eyes back to your ears from love or fear.

Michael Myers will kill you with a knife, whereas William Hart-Ramsey will kill you with his words and the track ‘Queen And Limousines’ really shows this with the harrowing line ‘All I ever wanted was your life‘. Backed by an amalgamation of Doom-riffage and gothic Shoegaze, even at best I’m still only painting half the picture. You can peel the turn corners back for yourself.

‘She Changes Her Hair’ is a sun-soaked, romantic, IndieSurf Rock blend that’ll nibble your ears in a sexual manner one second then slap the other with it’s blend of Doom the next. Musically fully lending itself to the lyrical theme, which feels like the warning of, “if you look directly at the sun for too long you’ll see beauty but you’ll suffer the loss of your eyesight soon after”.

‘I Dreamt Of You Drowning’ musically feels like Cowboy-Surf. It’s an interesting image, so just sit back for a second and think about that. What an amalgamation, right? William Hart-Ramsey Declaring ‘I watched you sleep at night, as I painted your portrait a thousand times‘ is either creepy, romantic or creepily romantic. Who’s to say? All I know is that fans of 50 Shades Of Grey voted this in their top ten songs of all time.

[Citation neededMS.]

‘Next time I’ll be Wearing My Suit’, is a dark-Blues ridden Cowpunk song even The Gun Club would be envious of not writing.

‘She’s Ok’ comes in with a beautiful drum beat that is reminiscent of David Bowie’s Five Years. The bass is distorted and lends an eerie tone that is juxtaposed by dreamy guitar tones, paired with interweaving guitar and vocal melodies mimicking each other.

Then seemingly effortlessly, as you think it’s all over it goes into an acoustic song as a farewell. Which is barely two minutes long if that but then it is over and you’re left with the fuzzy imagery provided.

Once the Swamp has you, you’ll require the following for your navigation:

  • Facebook has your route.
  • For some company or your soundtrack to your ill-fated adventure, head to bandcamp.


Daniel Stothard

Daniel Stothard is something of a music buff. He resides in the city of Bath and can often be found at local gigs. He is also the Vocalist of Bath based Post-Punk band, Television Villain.

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