Hidden Gentlemen – Three Men, Their Music and The ‘Two’ EP.

Hidden Gentlemen – Glastonbury, England, United Kingdom.


Whether you are a reviewer or musician, an avid music fan or an occasional general dabbler, sometimes you discover music that simply just works, is what it is and is happy with being just that.

Glastonbury three-piece Hidden Gentlemen are very much a band keeping things simple. The artwork of the band’s releases to date hints at such, as does the opening notes of ‘Sound Of Your Own Voice’, as it sets apart each of the three musicians but at the same time employing a rhythmically coherent aesthetic that again, is what it is.

Both Chris Cornell and Tom Morello come to mind, particularly with the vocals and the rumbling bass and guitar work reminiscent of Audioslave, acting as a bridge between the chorus’ of second track, ‘Girl With No Name’.

Hidden Gentlemen are old hands at the music game and their no nonsense (or bullshit for that matter) approach is something impossible to fault. ‘Girl With No Name’ is a song of regret at something that could have been, riding low on a stripped down and indeed very dirty Blues-Rock frame that in its bare simplicity, is the best of the three.

Closing the EP is ‘Amy’s Song’ with its tongue-in-cheek wit and playful (again) simplicity. Sometimes there are those who unconsciously believe in their own relevance and superiority over others. Sometimes these people believe this quite openly, something Amy seems to have done to warrant a quirky Pop-song written in a “tribute”.

Two explores a more traditional Blues-Rock sound away from a the poppier sound of its predecessor, First Quarter, an EP that is also well worth your time if eclectic and easy listening music are a penchant of yours.

When reading reviews and band biographies, you read over and over again about how the band are doing what “comes naturally” and to the heart and that is often the case to be fair but what Hidden Gentlemen have done to date and particularly with Two is achieve this in the purest sense of word or words, just to be pedantic.

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