Killers Creed – The Debut ‘Truth Is Treason’ EP.

Killers Creed – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


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The Australian Metal scene is something Musically Fresh has had a slowly increasing vested interest in this past year, with Brisbane specifically making more of an appearance as the year has progressed.

Speaking of a progressive motion, Brisbane five-piece Killers Creed have recently dropped their debut Truth Is Treason EP, a release containing five tracks of their self-dubbed Progressive Thrash Metal. A dubbing standing as a strong and risky statement for a band so fresh into their recorded work, but peaking interest nonetheless.

\\Truth Is Treason//


The opening ‘One = All’ is relatively expected with dark-sounding Thrash riffage and an interesting albeit slight melodic overlay helping the jagged chord progression forward. Vocally it is as expected bit lyrically it does let itself down, the anger is there but the choice of words at times fall into banality.

Returning to its musical composition, you find yourself intently looking for this progressive spin, a spin that takes the band’s Thrash and indeed adds melody, as well as fast alterations from a more stripped sound to a more furious one but still doesn’t seem to reach full fruition despite thudding in the right direction.

‘Scattered’ was the band’s debut single…

‘Scattered’ follows a line of strong and slightly repetitive break-downs that elude something else to come in their constant state of build-ups. There’s a brief flirtation with classic Thrash riffage once more before another melodic refrain acts as a respite before the jagged axes take point again.

It isn’t until around the 1:25 mark that we are presented with something more standout in a track that although would be undoubtedly fun live, doesn’t really move anywhere. That said, the latter half of the track flirts with this progression again before the real surprise in the form of track three.


‘Eating Tails’ is the longest on the release and quite abruptly mellows out its hoarse vocals for a starkly contrasting “clean” approach alongside further melodic guitar work, that on the whole contrasts very well with the heavier sections in a track that leans slightly towards modern Metalcore.

‘Eating Tails’ sees the band experimenting far more and sounding their strongest within the release thus far.

Next inline, ‘Bookends’ follows the more progressive line further. Lyrically it’s a slight improvement but what’s notable are harder vocals in their contrast with the more progressive guitar lines that sit well above in both “classic” Metal and modern Progressive Metal territory.


Closing with ‘False Reality’ Truth Is Treason is not the release it started out as. With debuts you often expect creases that need ironing and with this debut you get that but what is really interesting and notable is how the band progress within the release rather than just as a unit.

‘False Reality’ stands at almost seven minutes, it explores the heavy riffage as well as the melodic guitars and time changes further seeing the band’s self-proclaimed “progressive” status present itself more naturally. Again, the guitar work becomes so much more than “heavy for heavies sake” and actually adds more severity to the heavy sections in general despite their less populace state.

As a release, Truth Is Treason marks itself as a Progressive Metal release on the whole and finishes stronger than expected but does feel precarious in its first two onslaughts. That said, those who do wait it out until its climax will still find it well-worth their time and of course – loss of hearing.

Find the band below:

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  • The bands music can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.
  • Hard copies of the EP can be found at shows.


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