Luke Seymoup, A Band and The New Single ‘Mosquitoes’.

Luke Seymoup – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Photography credit: Jacob McKay Studios – Click Here.

The Melbourne Punk-Rock scene is well its own and it’s size and prominence in the cities’ general music scene is hard to ignore. It’s inclusion of bands and artists from elsewhere in Victoria as well as Australia in general is also notable, or at least was to me during my six months in the city.

Now, Luke Seymoup is no stranger to MF, we covered a band he plucks strings for and contributes verbal musings to back in March 2016, a band you can find – Here.

Since then, Luke being someone who even at gigs he isn’t playing, ends up with a crowd clapping him is a face you’ll find at most Melbourne gigs and all-dayers, usually with his guitar and an Alkaline Trio shirt donned.

Taking influences from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem and Danzig, Luke’s appreciation for Punk-Rock is plied well with enough Country, Blues and Folk-isms to stand him (and Miyazaki! for that matter) out in a scene dominated by (excellent) Skate Punk and old-school Melodic Hardcore. Shall we?


With ‘Mosquitoes’ you are immediately hit with a classic Folk Rock intro that you realise isn’t really Folk Rock, rather it’s older cousin, Mr. Folk Punk. Early to mid Against Me! is channeled with the fast and sharp melodic lead guitar lovingly keeping pace with all else in an individually-pieced together but cohesive effort. Hats off to the friends of Mr. Seymoup.

If musically you feel the influence of Against Me!, you also feel a slight infusion from The Gaslight Anthem as well but more so in the emotionality of the track and its contrast to the fast and upbeat heart-Punk on offer.

A story of love-loss that could of suited a track stylistically harder in its Punk catharsis, ‘Mosquitoes’ is a sad song, one that’s plot is brought all the more further forward by the choice of raspy, raw yet melodic Folk Punk as backing.

Seymoup’s vocals aren’t the most melodic, they are harsh and don’t vary too much in tone but within the context of the sound of this track and arguably the direction his music to date has taken, this is not a negative and actually adds a cutting edge to the raspy yet melodic Folk-Punk sound.

‘Mosquitoes’ is the first single (with accompanying b-side ‘Interstate’) from a debut album that is due for an early 2017 release.

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