Nautical Mile – The ‘Flight Risk’ Single Review.

Nautical Mile – Perth, Western Australia, Australia.


The Perth based Nautical Mile have had a busy year. Their debut self-titled EP dropped back in March and recently also released the brand new single, ‘Flight Risk’ from what I can only assume is the next sonic instalment.

Sitting somewhere between a dark sounding, fast and melodic Pop-Punk sound with overtones of the early 2000’s and the more modern Post-Hardcore tinged stylistics such as A Day To Remember and Trophy Eyes, Nautical Mile have bolstered their sound since the first release.

The intro is very typical of this genre offshoot and the melodic guitar-lines are entrenched well alongside the hints of heavier tendencies. Said lines are actually a strong point in the track as a whole as they sit just far enough above the contrasting deep-bass rumble and classic Pop-Punk buzzsaw rhythms to give ‘Flight Risk’ it’s driving force.

Although the band’s blueprint has been significantly improved, I can’t help but feel a pang of wonder on what they will do next, be it explore the heavier side of their influences and citations or perhaps move further into some region of Pop-Punk territory.

Speculations aside, ‘Flight Risk’ although breaking no obvious new ground, wears its influences well, showing a band feeling far more at home within itself as a unit, which is something specifically noticeable in the layered backing vocals which ironically carry far more weight then the band’s use of mild gang vocals.

‘Flight Risk’ is actually quite addictive and a good forerunner for whatever comes next. Consider my ears pricked.

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Matthew Speer

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