No Honor Among Thieves Return With ‘Depths’.

No Honor Among Thieves – Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.


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Over two years ago, a very young Musically Fresh took a look at a band referred to us by a personal friend of mine. A band that through a variety of influences and stylistics collectively produced six tracks of genre crossing heavy music, sampling notable elements from Punk, Metal and Post-Hardcore into something abrasive and eclectic.

This band was the Waterbury, Connecticut based, No Honor Among Thieves, a band that have since returned with something pushing those boundaries further, in the form of new single, ‘Depths’.


NHAT have always been somewhat difficult to listen too and that may seem as if I am making a negative comment but quite ironically, I am not. The band’s multi-faceted sound was explored on their debut Prayers EP in such a manner that you would expect from a latter release rather than a debut.

Now as ‘Depths’ is actually from their 2017 sophomore release and is itself both true to the band’s form and in abrasive flirtation with newer sounds, it’s a track the band are proud of and a track we are intrigued by.

‘Depth’s begins with the Metallic Hardcore chug that you’d expect for the four-piece before their penchant for the Jazz-like Post-Hardcore time changes and abrupt changes in direction take hold in a manner found in more progressive Hardcore territory.

This almost Mathcore tendency begins to pound into a more coherent rhythm with a subdued but active melodic guitar-line moving in and out before the band crossover into an old-school Melodic Hardcore section.  A change that not only catches you off guard but reminded me personally of Albany Punks, After The Fall and the albums Eradication and Unkind in particular.

All this before the band take on NYC Hardcore and their Metal appreciations take point again, but this time with the mild melodic guitar work adding more depth. Lyrically and vocally No Honor Among Thieves waste no time in representation of their aggression and distaste and in similar fashion to their debut, hit hard.

NHAT are set to release their debut full-length Visions in 2017.

Find the band below:

  • For updates find the band to Facebook.
  • For the band’s music, head to their Reverbnation and bandcamp profiles where this single and the debut EP can also be found.
  • You can also download the debut EP and find hard copies via CD baby.


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