No Insight and The Debut Single ‘These Days’.

No Insight – London, England, United Kingdom.


London exports No Insight have just released their debut single in the form of ‘These Days’ in conjunction with Shipwreck Records, a label equal in their “upstart” status but also one to watch.

Taking influence from the likes of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance and NOFX, the band’s penchant for the more 90’s and early pre-“Easycore” 2000’s sound is clear from the off.

‘These Days’ is both the band’s debut and forerunner for their debut EP, Chasing Memories, which is currently in the production stage. One more point before we crack on, upon gathering the all important information on No Insight, I found this…


Garnering brownie points for Rick and Morty appreciation is important but not as important as ‘These Days’.

The opening riff left me surprised with its strong inclination to Green Day and even a dash of Rancid, in true appreciation of the bands that brought the genre back to prominence back in the day. Said riff quick dissolves into a more contemporary sound with gritty rhythm driving forward a slight melodic guitar line that keeps your interest peaked.

The harder-edged vocals in the verses contrast well with the more melodic backing vocals, with said backing vocals sounding their strongest in the chorus but with that said, in their supporting role they don’t quite contrast as well as they should.

The band’s grit and more British orientated sound stands them in an increasing group of UK Pop-Punk bands breaking away from the more North American-led epoch, giving them a lot more individuality.

With ‘These Days’ leaning to an older sound, it begs the question of how far the band will explore this with the debut EP but that’s a story for another time, a time that will start with the words of our giant yellow “friends” – SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

Find the band and Shipwreck Records below:


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