Splitters – ‘Last Time I Swear’ The Debut EP.

Splitters – Detroit, Michigan, USA.


For the pre-release video feature on Splitters – Click Here.

Above you’ll find a video where our Canadian writer Rob chronicles the on-goings of life in an underground band, his own and the life of musicians in that vein in general. Why is that relevant? Well, Rob also reviews and features bands for MF and a short time ago he featured Detroit natives Splitters and a taster of the now released debut EP, Last Time I Swear.

Myself and Rob were only privy to the first-in-line of the eight-track EP and quite in-sync came to a similar conclusion, highlighting a Pop-Punk sensibility especially on the vocals and guitar-tone.

However the EP itself as it turns out, is so much more…

\\Last Time I Swear//


‘Horrible Terrible’ is not only a term I could see myself using but also gets right to the point with its self deprecation, on the back of the aforementioned Pop-Punk guitar lines and tone but interestingly itself on the back of a more Folk-Punk rhythm base you could easily see The Lawrence Arms, Against Me! or Hot Water Music utilising.

‘Black Tar’ quite oddly puts forward a theme that is consistently shown throughout with vocals that sound akin to British Indie Rock. Now that may seem like an odd statement but if you know what you’re looking for you’ll hear it and with more of those sweet guitar lines, this time sending the mind to Banner Pilot, you can’t complain.

With ‘Southbound’ you’re treated to the same stylistic with the lead guitar and rhythm section working perfectly in unison but not without contrast. ‘Rocking Chair’ is more of the same but you don’t seem to have a problem with it in the slightest and with ‘Cheap’, the harder sound is nothing but short, raspy Punk-Rock again with strong leaning to The Lawrence Arms.

I’ve been dwelling at the bottom, like a sick self-loathing freak,
I’m feeling cheap Oh God, I’m feeling cheap

‘Can Of Gasoline’ is pure midwest Folk Punk and is unequivocally the strongest track on the EP and sets the stage for the all important title track perfectly.

By this point, although obviously the same band the EP has changed direction in a way that was only really hinted at with ‘Horrible Terrible’ or any other precursor before ‘Can Of Gasoline’. ‘Last Time I Swear’ sounds like Social Distortion and it’s fantastic.

Closing with the Pop-Punk inclined ‘Spinning Tires’, Spitters leave you with another sonically compositionally tight track that is as quotable as ever.

Stuck in traffic, lost in static, happy to just be getting through

I have nothing negative to say about this Last Time I Swear. The EP is out now via FtLP Records, who you can find below and should probably inquire about further.

Find the band below:


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