Crash & The Crapenters – Ska, Punk, Rock n’ Roll ‘Set In Stone’.

Crash & The Crapenters – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Back in June of 2016 another head began to poke round the door of the Sydney Punk-Rock scene. It had some things to say and it was determined that they be Set In Stone on the back of an eclectic Punk sound drawing from many of the old man’s offshoots, into something reminiscent but contemporary enough to be taken seriously.

This band was Crash & The Crapenters and yes, you did read that correctly. If it wasn’t already obvious the band’s debut is entitled Set In Stone and has been hewn into said stone with a sound determined to make waves and progress further down the road of Australian Punk music.

\\Set In Stone//


Opening with its upbeat but relentless chaos ‘Set In Stone’ clocks in at just under a minute but is on air long enough to make itself and its points well known. You can’t move forward if you’re set in stone.

‘Vigilante’ follows the raspy upbeat Punk-Rock with a slight Rock n’ Roll-ism that expertly manifests itself in its guitar solo in a track that leans towards an early Rancid, while ‘Lou Ferrigno’ explores the more aged Rock n’ Roll sound further in another upbeat song that although begins to break away in a new direction, solidly maintains continuity.

‘Ever Burn’ is 77′ Punk sat somewhere between The Clash’s debut and Rancid’s And Out Come The Wolves in its Punk critique and determination that it is possible to pull together as a community. ‘Everything Is Coming My Way’ is the Ska track you’ve been expecting and arrives just in time and is again plied with the band’s love for Garage Rock n’ Roll.

‘Rubber Boy’ boasts more of the Rock n’Roll-Punk tempo with playful lyrics showing obvious skill from the wordsmith before another arguably inspired from The Clash’s original sound, ‘I laughed Until I cried’.

‘I Laughed Until I cried’ may not stand as tall and as prominent as its predecessors but it does mark a half way point that is designed to prepare you for open book that is ‘The Loneliest Guy In The World’ with its heartfelt American-esque Blues.

‘Pray To Your Own God’ marks one of the band’s best and this is particularly true in its lyrical wit. ‘Pray To You Own God’ is an anthem of your own belief and sickness of the dogma of others often forced upon you. Its that song that every Punk release needs some variant of and with Crash & The Carpenters classic Punk/Garage Rock crossover, it’s lovingly brought home.

‘2016’ is the struggle of underground bands in the music industry against those that are popular and that is all I need to say on that, other than it boasts some of best and dirty Blues-Rock reverb on the release.

By track eleven of sixteen, the albums duration begins to become noticeable. Crash & The Crapenters have given this record their all, and opted to include as much in the way of their best and recordings to date. An admirable move in itself but at this stage makes it very obvious that the album still has more for you.

With that said, ‘Get Square’ is a sonically pleasing slice of Pop hooks and Ska/Reggae Rock lending a hand in adding variety to the mix. ‘Who Needs Enemies’ brings the Punk Rock n’Roll back to the fold in a revelation and revision of a friendship before ‘The Redline’ misleads you for split second into expecting a harder sound but ultimately leaves you for the most part, more of the same.

Ska and Reggae have been largely absent from Set In Stone at this point but not completely as a more Dub-led track takes the form of the standout ‘I Wanna Get Into My Head’, that again, cites The Clash well enough.

You’ve been enjoying ourself up to this point but you can feel yourself tiring. However, the short fast and loud Punk Rock n’ Roll of ‘I Don’t Know’ breaks the door down and demands the last of your energy in a track that is undoubtedly fun live.

‘Ghosts’ closes and quite surprisingly breaks away from the rest of the album in a far slower in tempo Alternative Rock track that contrasts so sharply it closes the album in the best way it could.

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