Fresh Picks: Kold Creature.

Kold Creature – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


From what we can gather at Musically Fresh, Brisbane in Australia seems synonymous with much in the way of Hard Rock and the varied world of Metal music. We have been lucky enough to feature a small and growing host of the cities’ bands and in keeping with that tradition, we have Kold Creature.

The band describe themselves of Melodic Groove Metal and deserve points for simply the name as associating the “m-word” with any form of heavy music yet alone a Metal based band is often a risk. A risk that evidently lays no worries at the feet of Kold Creature.

2016 saw the band’s debut album A Weakened StateĀ make its mark on the Aussie Metal scene with its nod to the days of Nu-Metal, copious amounts of groove and so much more on top of that.

Lead single ‘Edge Of Gravity’ immediately sends thoughts to the likes of Machine Head and in it’s melodic vocals even the likes of Tool can be heard, which is fitting as the band cite both as key influences.

The likes of ‘Ripped and Burned’ adds a bite from the other end of the heavy spectrum with playful Punk guitar work and Metallic Hardcore rhythms violently injected into the mix.

If that wasn’t enough by the fourth track you are treated to an adoration of Thrash Metal that from this point on, is never really put aside. Kold Creature are a band that have done their extra research in an admirable attempt to keep things moving on a per-track basis, with ‘The Draining’ and its layered refrains as both further proof and a highlight of the release as whole.

‘Kids That Kill’ further channels the band’s groove foundation and isn’t afraid to infuse more in the way of Hardcore Punk with the likes of Sludge/Hardcore titans Black Tusk easily comparable.

Kold Creature may well tick the boxes of the average modern Metal fan and also the boxes of the average representation of the varied genre but only as a starter on this varied menu. The band have bravely attempted to infuse more in the way of melody in the vocal delivery alongside infectious groove laden riffage and bursts of Punk tempo without taking away the very appeal that they have as a Metal band.

Even at this stage in their recorded history Kold Creature have an unambiguous strength and also a seeming desire to grow and progress which heavily implied by a solid and varied Metal record.

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Matthew Speer

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