An Introduction To Alana Bondi…

Alana Bondi – Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

*Between the writing and publishing of this review, Alana Bondi has since passed away. We at Musically Fresh would like to offer our condolences to her family and friends and thank her for the music she has sadly left behind. Rest in peace.*


Manchester is a city that has boasted so much in the way of big names when it comes to music, that its well earned reputation will likely never cease. Oasis, The Smiths, James, Goldblade, Sonic Boom Six and a few Musically Fresh itself has even covered – Click Here.

Now with this eclectic list and apparent creative regional aesthetic in mind, we look to Alana Bondi, who released her debut EP back in August of 2016.

It would be easy enough and acceptable enough to place Alana in the cities’ Indie scene, as it often is with acts standing strong with their own sound. Now, when I say “Indie” I don’t necessarily mean those on national airtime but more of the local and “grass roots” (so to speak) acts that are playing gigs and slogging it around the underground circuit playing to whoever will listen.

The dark gloom of Post-Punk is a influence on Alana’s sound and is no surprise with her geographical positioning. ‘Four Walls’ is eerie and almost carries an industrial tone that fits well with a video that can at best be described as abstract but enthralling nonetheless.

Alana’s self dubbed Alternative Ambient Folk is something of tongue twister but that matters not as her sound after listening to the debut EP, fits the description quite well. Tracks such as ‘Sarah’ and ‘SOS’ carry the eerie gloom and progressive tone but fall into a more cohesive and “traditional” lines without breaking mysterious continuity.

With only four tracks covering the ground they do and giving the impression that whatever comes next and what ever path this musician takes, may well be something entirely different, in retrospect, you enjoy the release more so.

Find Alana and her music below:


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