Luna Tides – The ‘Open Woods’ EP.

Luna Tides – Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.


We’ve been meaning to sit down with this one for a while. Formed in 2016 and often described as somewhere between Morrissey and Mumford And Sons, Luna Tides take dulcet Folk Rock and its lighter Pop orientated cousin and blend them with the Post-Punk gloom so propagated by the the likes of The Smiths, Mr. Morrissey, Joy Division and more.

Open Woods was released in the closing weeks of 2016, consisting of four tracks quite fitting for the slowly but surely clearing skies I have in view from my window.

In the eponymous track situated first in the running order, the contrast between the Post-Punk gloom and the playful Indie/Folk guitar lines and leads creates and sets both the tone and the aesthetic for the EP. It’s a Pop song but a good one at that.

‘Last Night’ plucks its first notes into a far more Folk-led sound but again not forsaking the contemporary Indie flare the band have. ‘Last Night’ perhaps likens itself the most to The Smiths or music in that vein from this for track line up with the contrasting vocals and musical backing in balance and held together with a strong rhythm section.

‘Last Night’ teasingly goes quiet in the closing stages of the track for a dulcet build up that shows welcome inclinations to Post-Rock, albeit briefly and suggesting an instrumental route the band could well take.

The intro to ‘Luna’ continues with the more traditional Folk direction with soft guitars opening. Said opening is actually a point of criticism as although the sliding of guitar strings can often be a nice touch, in this case it’s used too frequently and after a while adds a sloppy tone to an otherwise solid track.

Limiting itself to four tracks on a debut release is a tried and tested method that showcases a band for who they are wholly and while it doesn’t show too much in the way of a “what next” you cant argue with what you’re presented with in the case of Luna Tides and Open Woods.

‘What Comes Around’ is perhaps the strongest on the release with well written, relatable lyrics and a slightly more stripped down sound that ends the EP well.

It is true that the EP and its four tracks showcase a band and sound confident within itself and it is also true that you’re not actually too fussed about any prospective material and whatever variety it may have either.

In other words, what is showcased on Open Woods is sonically tight enough not to leave you with any worry about what will undoubtedly come next.

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Matthew Speer

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