Tim Smyth & The Holy Trash and The ‘Greedy Eyes’ EP.

Tim Smyth & The Holy Trash – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The Melbourne music scene is certainly something, it’s a scene that harbours a great deal of creativity and eclectic musicianship in it’s diverse range of bands, artists, line-ups, record shops and culture.

Tim Smyth & The Holy Trash hail from the fine city and like said city, are no strangers to Musically Fresh. Our Canadian video reviewer Rob took a brief look at the band last year, in a video that also took a look at the great question of why people pursue music in todays global scene. Click Here for the video.

Rob commented on the band’s strong 90’s Alternative sound, referencing the likes of Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Oasis and with the new EP, Greedy Eyes, these comments stand well.


‘My Imagination’ has been given a second chance after first appearing on the band’s first EP of the same name. Of course it wasn’t a second chance that was needed, as the tracks slow Grunge thud and heavy Britpop/Oasis overtones stand it as a contender for the releases best before you’ve even heard the rest. This incarnation of ‘My Imagination’ also continues further than its predecessor with an extended piano track alongside heartfelt vocals to close.

‘All This Love’ is another laden with memorable hooks that by the first chorus is well and truly never leaving you. Playing on more of the band’s Country and Blues influences, it manages to channel this American influence without sacrificing its Alternative Rock base or falling into cliche. Tim Smyth’s vocals stand strongest towards the end of the track when contrasting the almost soaring backing vocals guiding you onto the next instalment, ‘Calefornia’.

‘All This Love’ was the the EPs single and hard to follow but with ‘Calefornia’, you aren’t disappointed. The musicianship on offer is nothing short of tight and coherent and the Country/Blues Alternative Rock sound itself something infectious in it’s entirety rather than just in the chorus, which is something easier said than done and an achievement in itself.

‘Money Makes It Better’ takes a calmer route and also boasts some of the best and quotable songwriting on Greedy Eyes. ‘Money would be nice, happiness is better’ are words that many could do with living by more so in a world so ruled by currency.

‘How Has It Come To This?’ is strong in the 90’s – isms once more with the darker guitar tone and low- riding bass work contrasting well with the melodic vocals, while they try to forget those not worth the time of day. The 2:54 mark sees the musical highlight of the album with an almost retro computer game sounding crescendo leading onto the 3:14 mark before the pedal boards are then slightly subdued.

‘How Has it Come To This?’ adds the differentiation from the previous that is needed to make the all important final track stand as tall as it possibly can on a release you won’t forget in hurry.


Tim Smyth & The Holy Trash have a sound that is only getting stronger and that is something we are very excited for in whatever they have in store for us next.

Find the band below:



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