Yesterday – The ‘Suburban Blues’ EP.

Yesterday – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

A few years ago Musically Fresh went international which was a big deal because now we get to discover awesome bands from across the pond. So without further ado and all the way from Ohio, we have the Pop-Punk/Indie outfit Yesterday.

The band are currently residing in Cincinnati and according to their Facebook page have been around for just over a thousand years (they look so youthful), with last year seeing the release of their debut EP Suburban Blues.

The EP moves straight into a tight intro and harmonised angelic-like riffs which last throughout, accompanied by power chords with underline lead parts for good measure. ‘Hurricane Season’ is that Pop-Punk/Emo track that sheds its emotions freely and actually reminds us of MF features New, Again, who you can find – Here.

‘Moonstruck’ on the other hand carries over the previous melodic approach onto Funk orientated bass-work and drum loops that left me thinking the band are clearly not fans of predictability and willing to move out of their comfort zone if such a thing exists within the Yesterday camp.

After taking you through an EP that is again, far from predictable, the four previous tracks are complimented with a haunting ballad in the form of ‘Solid State’. A track that is slightly off centre and marked with a strong rhythm section to close Suburban Blues.

‘Solid State’ takes all the strengths of the previous and then proceeds to shake them up to create this beauty of a closing track. I must admit these tunes are way up my street, a perfect blend of Punk honesty though not too aggressive and Emo, the way it was in the 90’s before the screaming and the hair… oh the hair (RIP 2003).

These melodic and crunching tunes are well-suited for this time of year and with us seeing Winter’s bitter end moving into chilly Spring this EP will serve well as your post-Spring warm up before it then becomes your soundtrack for the next season and every other one following it.

Find the band below:



Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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