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Hush Mozey – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


Sometimes we like to scribble just a few words. Enough words to create an inclination in the minds (ears?) of those who read our work, to go and indulge in the plethora of musical talent we feature… or something like that.

Hush Mozey are a self-dubbed ‘Drowsy Rock n’ Roll’ band from Bristol in the UK and this is not the first time we have had some sort of affiliation with the group, for vocalist Joee Johnson has had his own music featured before, which you can find – Here.

Bar Mr. Johnson’s own material which had help from those in Hush Mozey, in regard to recorded work the band have but one real teaser in the form of their live video for the song ‘Place For Them’ live at Thekla in the city of their origin.

I’m sat here watching this and this Drowsy Rock n’ Roll begins to make more sense. You can hear Mr. Johnson’s Folk Rock-isms and even the vocal structure from his own work but above all you can hear an American Country/Blues-Rock aesthetic that gives this drowsy claim some base as well as some bite.

Hush Mozey’s music is subdued in the Blues-Rock Fashion but isn’t afraid to break-in outside influences, going as far as a flirtation with Ska-tinged guitar work from the mid point in particular, showing this band to be capable of just about anything.

The band have an EP set for a Summer release and if ‘Place For Them’ implies anything, it’s that this release won’t simply be a “one trick pony”

Find the band below:


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