An Introduction To Josey Marina…

Josey Marina – Stockport, England, United Kingdom.

Towards the end of 2016 we featured Souls, the second album from Alternative/Indie two-piece Some Kind Of Illness. Souls featured collaborations from many of the band’s friends and with track eight specifically, we heard the dulcet tones and percussion of one Josey Marina.

That track was ‘Travelling Backwards In A Cave’ and since then we have sat down with Stockport native Josey Marina an her own music via her two EPs Tired Sun (2014) and Violet Desires (2016).

With the 2014 release, Marina’s soaring melodic vocal tones are accompanied by a stripped down and more traditional acoustic Folk orientated Singer Songwriter formula, that although a tried and tested method, is in fact nigh-on as perfect as it can be within this limited field.

Tired Sun carries the theme of the season of Summer and the experiences and feelings felt during said season with the juxtaposition of negativity sometimes blocking out the light.

With Violet Desires, two years of elapsed time has made a considerable difference to both inspiration and stylistic, with the 2016 EP boasting a much darker and complex sound.

The Folk sound showcased with Tired Suns is not entirely absent but has been partially supplanted for a darker and well-layered Indie/Indie-Pop sound, with ‘Moon’ standing as one of the strongest of the four.

If 2014’s EP is set for Summer relaxation then 2016’s is set for private reflections in refuge from the cold Winter night pondering the very things you’d rather not. ‘Hypothetical Poem’ is perhaps the EP’s darkest in its Spoken Word and is hauntingly hard hitting, contrasting well with the softer tones of Josey Marina’s usual repertoire.

‘Ocean Sighs’ closes and EP deep in dark reflection. Much like this artist’s music to date it’s calming and easy listening in the manner of music you don’t need to think on while it softly leaves your speakers but with one notable juxtaposition and difference; there is far more to it than just gentle composition.

Find Josey Marina below:


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