Harrison Rimmer – ‘Envy’.

Harrison Rimmer – York, England, United Kingdom.


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We’re back in York for a quick few words on singer-songwriter Harrison Rimmer and his latest addition to his recorded work in the form of new single, ‘Envy’.

Harrison’s work spans both the traditional singer-songwriter formula in his live shows and on some recorded work, but also regularly sees the young man as a one man army recording and mixing all of it himself. Conducting himself in such a way gives Harrison’s music a strength and depth when it comes to his songs as his their versatility is hard to question.

If that wasn’t enough then the final part of this three-pronged is that if you’re lucky enough to witness it, Harrison will sometimes include a full band in his set. This is something that the new single ‘Envy’ may well see in the near future if it hasn’t already.

With ‘Envy’ the emotionality fans of Harrison’s music will know all to well is cast forth through a throat that may well have swallowed some gravel or shouted its lungs out prior to recording but because of such possible pre-cursors, it sounds the best it can.

Stylistically speaking, it takes a semi-plugged in and semi-acoustic base with hints at the song taking a full stake in either of those formats left resting there for the listener. Those who are used to the faster tempos of much of the artist’s other work will find the rhythmic Folk-Rock pleasant and a perfect accompaniment to both relaxation and the conviction the lyrics are laced with.

And I lost you, In the haze of my mind‘.

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