Nautical Mile – The ‘Playing For Keeps’ EP.

Nautical Mile – Perth, Western Australia. Australia.


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Since the last time we saw the Perth based Post-Hardcore-esque Pop-Punk band Nautical Mile, they have given the mock games the boot and are well and truly Playing For Keeps. 

Ignoring the terrible placed mediocre pun-esque remark, what I have deciphered from this EP title is that Nautical Mile have had their time sat at the bottom of the progress ladder and now wish to rise.

We have seen ‘Flight Risk’ before with its A Day To Remember and Trophy Eyes-isms before, it was the forerunning single of this release that left a strong impression but also simultaneously a thin film of ambiguity in regard to where the band would go next.

With ‘Mutiny!’ this question is partiaially answered. The band opt for exploration of both their heavier Easycore stylistics as well as their token Pop-Punk melodies with heir appreciation of Four Year Strong shining. ‘Mutiny’ is perfect for those whose’ tastes are firmly set in early A Day To Remember records and the first real foray of Easycore.

‘Playing For Keeps’ has the risky position of being both the eponymous track and having itself sat slap-bang in the middle of the running order. ‘Playing For Keeps’ is very much the top of the band’s melodies game with harmonies that a young New Found Glory would could only dream of soaring atop of a classic anthem of determination.

It would be fair to say that Nautical Mile are somewhat generic and it would also be fair to say that that objectively speaking, this is done in the best way possible. By the time of the opening notes of ‘P’s and Q’s’ Easycore has become the staple and while you are left in what of the moody and up-tempo rhythms of ‘Flight Risk’, there is nothing sonic to complain about.

With that said, ‘P’s and Q’s’ is perhaps the weakest on the release and is easy rolled to one side by the price and cutting high-pitched guitars of ‘Vantablack’. In this final track Nautical Mile remember their heavier tendencies into a very well put together closing onslaught that brings balance to the release.

Playing For Keeps is an EP that depends very strongly on its structure, for as much as on a track by track level Nautical Mile are strong, this EP wouldn’t work any other way.

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