Fresh Harvest #3.

Loose Tooth – Northampton, England, United Kingdom.


A photo with fitting blur for a band whose sound is blurry but certainly not uncertain or uninviting. Formed partially from the ashes of Post-Hardcore band Death Kindly Waits For Me, Loose Tooth carry this progressive and emotive sound forward a notch, keeping the high pitched guitar tone and melodies but adding a far heavier riff-laden approach.

To date the band have two singles that on initial reception sit somewhere between the aforementioned Post-Hardcore, Alexisonfire, riffs and Linkin Park when the released Minutes To Midnight.

‘Pearls’ is the lighter and is the more melodically driven of the two and with that carries an intro reminiscent of the aforementioned Linkin Park era before a verse and chorus that stands as hybrid of both Young Guns and to mention them again, Alexisonfire.

With ‘Pearls’ but also with the band’s sound in general, you are presented with a solid weight and foundation but also subtle layers that add a little variety to the proceedings. The contrast between the curdling screams and the strong melodic clean vocals switches the intensity back and forth in the same way the musical backing does, giving ‘Pearls’ a winning and never waning formula.

For the darker and haunting ‘Split In The Hair’ you will have to follow the links below.

Loose Tooth: Facebook // Instagram // Youtube Channel

Jewels – Essex, England, United Kingdom.


In many ways, after your initial listen of the Essex based Jewels, they strike you as just another Indie band. A good one, but still within that echelon of playful British Indie Rock. After some time has elapsed however you realise they are a band with a split personality genre disorder and I mean that as positively as I am able.

Their debut six track EP Too Close has all the attitude of the early to 2000’s Indie music with the cutting vocals and almost confrontational south-eastern accents and twinkling guitars but with Jewels it goes so much further.

If ‘Sally’ is very much the typical then ‘Glow’ expands the band’s scope into something sat somewhere between the mid to late Red Hot Chili Peppers and Post-Punk.

‘Glow’ is undoubtedly the best on the release and shows this second personality to the world before it spills on the more rhythmic and almost progressive ‘Someone Else’; where a band so young as a unit show musicianship (particularly the guitar work) well-advanced beyond their current stage.

Lyrically Jewels also stand out for their vocal style that would not work so well if the story you are told so well per track wasn’t so on point. Jewels can also do the more sombre too and with the final three tracks which include the lengthy and well written ‘London Town’ in its honest critique and simultaneous adoration and the closing and oh so impressive ‘Leave Me Alone’.

By the end of this debut release or maybe just the end of a random sample of the band’s music, you are confused, satisfied and reaffirmed at the strength of underground British Indie music.

Jewels: Facebook // Twitter // bandcamp
The bands music can also be found via: Spotify // iTunes

Salvation Jayne – Kent, England, United Kingdom.


The Kent based Salvation Jayne are another in this crop that have recently released new music into the world. The four-piece have given us ‘Burn It Down’, a track sat safely on the Alternative Rock bench but with each leg pointing else where.

What am I talking about? Well, unlike many slow-mid tempo tracks and bands in this vein, Salvation Jayne break away from the tendency for female-vocal fronted bands to lean too close to Hard Rock. This is not to say this isn’t an element of the Salvation Jayne sound and particularly ‘Burn It Down’ but it is so in the “correct’ amount.

The strong vocals are backed with a considerable set of lungs while the low drone of the band’s rhythm section is complimented by a guitar tone that straddles both a classic bluesey and a more progressive tone as it quite simply “does its own thing” whirling through crescendos and prominent melodic lines.

Salvation Jayne are a band with a history and with this new incarnation they have received credit where its due from Topper Headon of The Clash and AC/DC’s Chris Slade.

If you’re a fan of Audioslave and if not then you should be, you will find something hear. ‘Burn It Down’ very much plates-up the sound of Salvation Jayne well on the silverware but still leaves both enough of a telling and some anticipation of what is yet to come.

Salvation Jane: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Official Website
The band’s music can also be found via: Tidal // iTunes // Spotify // Amazon // Google Play




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