Modern Tribes and The ‘Home Sick’ EP

Modern Tribes – Oswestry, England, United Kingdom.


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If you click the link above you will find a band whose second EP left me a little worse for wear and in need of a sit down. Said second EP was different from the raucous Indie-Punk of their first release, in that it explored a far more discordant and progressive Punk sound that took Post-Hardcore and more in the way of harder Punk and raw emotion into a release that was incredibly real.

Such an EP would in any case stand as a tough act to follow but in the theme of being a band recording music, Modern Tribes have indeed released a follow up. So we’re back in Oswestry with the new EP Modern Tribes have been quietly putting together, standing as the first with new drummer, Mark Mayers.

On Everything Is Dying And I Will Probably Die Soon Too Modern Tribes experimented with their tongue and cheek anger from their debut and let it run its course naturally in a flurry of emotion at its rawest.

In ‘Morrissey’ the melodic guitar lines are still present, as is the mid-to-slow tempo but this they have fallen on more sombre times and far more refined rhythm section. ‘Morrissey’ is a melodic track rife with emotion, vocally it is subdued and almost carries a disinterested tone in its sadness via listening to ‘[…] too much Brand New and Morrissey‘.

‘Home’ very much continues this laid-back tone in its ironic catharthis. ‘Home’ is the final of this short but bitter sweet EP. Modern Tribes’ sound and particularly Eric Evans’ songwriting is mature, real and as honest as it can be. Much like their previous release this is emotion straight into words, on to paper and then channelled through three men and their instruments in a process as natural as can be.

The final up-tempo sections of the song where the sad words have subsided can almost be visually personified by the listener as the frustration of the tortured soul whose story has just been told.

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Matthew Speer

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