Donkey Island Penitentiary – The ‘Shoot You Down’ Single.

Donkey Island Penitentiary – Los Angeles, California, USA.

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The escaped inmates of Donkey Island Penitentiary are back, sleuthing through the underbelly of Los Angeles, armed with their good ol’ mix of Blues and Punk-Rock. With them is their new single ‘Shoot You Down’, a tasty little snippet of what’s to come with their new EP set to be released this summer. I literally cannot wait.

‘Shoot You Down’ opens with some lovely fast paced percussion, soon overtaken by the calm, bluesy twang of the guitar. It’s like Robert Johnson just got his nose pierced and grew a Mohawk. When the buzzing of the harmonica breaks through, we know these convicts mean business and accompanied with the soulful and beautifully echoed vocals, the fun really begins.

It’s old school and dramatic, the classic spaghetti-western soundtrack as always, perfectly produced and perfectly delivered. Latino Americana at its finest. You can almost hear the California sun setting behind the reverberating Blues-Rock guitar.

This track is very reminiscent of the four-some’s previous EP, Exile On 4th Street, released in May last year, which just excites me more for impending new release. Although this track is more upbeat and slightly faster, the unmistakable Donkey Island concoction of vintage Blues, Punk and Rockabilly is strong, and just keeps getting better.

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Bethany Jinks

Bethany. A Twenty-something Punk-Rock war-lady from Cornwall.

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