Fresh Picks: Knifey.

Knifey – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cover photo credit – Michael Mangov.

I’ll start by stating that I’ve just added these guys as my new favourite Canadian exports. Also on the list The Flatliners, Trailer Park Boys and Burt Cummings (yes, that’s his name).

To date the band have but a couple of tracks for the public ear-drums, those being ‘Tanlines’ and ‘Sophie’ which are both catchy as hell, leaving me exclaiming – ‘I want an album, like right now, this very second!’. Allow me to elaborate…

Imagine if you will Tom Delonge fronting Agent Orange, I’m talking 90’s Tom – before the aliens replaced his brain that is. This is alongside a pop-melody over further chromatic Surf-Rock riffs combined into some infectious tune-age that’s gonna get stuck in your grey matter for the foreseeable future.

Surf-punkers Knifey formed in 2016 in sunny Toronto. A city known not only for the controversial late Mayor Rob Ford (look it up) but more importantly some beautiful landscapes and modern architecture and some incredible bands with the infectious and addictive Knifey now being one of them.

I couldn’t recommend them enough and if you’re like me and a buff for Surf/Pop-Punk, do go check them out while I continue to shout and rave about a full-length until I get a noise complaint…

Find the band below:


Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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