Young Galaxy – ‘Stay For Real’.

Young Galaxy – Montréal, Quebec, Canada.


Montréal Electronic Music four-piece Young Galaxy are no strangers to the world of what I would call underground Pop. The band touch on the synth laden world of Electronic Music as much as they do contemporary Indie as there is so much more than what is produced by the push of a button.

The band’s most recent single ‘Stay For Real’, is not only the first the band have released independently but it is also a song with a point to make. ‘Stay For Real’ is very much inspired by the climate of disaffection and distaste felt through global society based both on recent events in the western world and afar.

‘Stay For Real’ was written in the mindset of the band championing a feeling of togetherness through their music and stating the responsibility of artists both ease the periods of socio-political uncertainty and criticise the issues plaguing it from the ground up.

‘Stay For Real’ takes a darker tone of Dream-Pop, a contemporary Indie aesthetic on a soft-Funk bass-line that although inviting and rhythmic, is actually very subdued. This isn’t a criticism however, as the determined lyrics compliment the gloom this track chooses as its method of delivery.

Dreams can be shattered and it may not go as planned but ‘Stay For Real’ knows this and is a song with a conscience and that is the real strength of this release. Young Galaxy are creating contemporary Pop and Indie music that isn’t simply regurgitated, meaningless and lacking any kind of real drive. – ‘Everything’s changing but we gotta stay for real’.

Young Galaxy have partnered up with Plus1 (Click Here) so that all net proceeds from the sale of the single go to defending the rights of the marginalised through PIVOT (Canada), ACLU (USA), and W.A.V.E (EU).

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