Hightower: The New Single ‘Tournesol’ and ‘Club Dragon’ Album Pre-Order.

Hightower – Paris, France.

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Photo credit: Eric Pires.

It’s been quite some time since we have featured the Paris-based Hightower and indeed even longer since the band have put pen to paper, paper to sound and sound to recording.

In the time that has lapsed since then the band have now recorded their follow up to their debut Sure. Fine. Whatever. entitled Club Dragon. This follow-up sees the band’s multi-inspired and multi-faceted Punk sound grow further with one huge difference standing tall, they now have a Hungarian man by the name of Attila on vocals.

‘The Party’, which can be found – Here, was the first single. This first-look saw Hightower explore more of the Pop-Punk hinted direction we saw slightly on their debut and with Attila on vocals this transition is seamless and can easily be compared to the likes of The Story So Far and Knuckle Puck among others.

Today however we are happy to announce both another taster of Club Dragon as well the album pre-order but for now… Enter ‘Tournesol’.

Hightower’s hybridised Punk sound takes cues from the fast 90’s sound they adore on ‘Tournesol’ but also increases the strong emotionality and catharsis that has always emanated from their sound. This is second teaser of Club Dragon wastes no time in its utilisation of the emotive tones of their new vocalist’s voice box and with that I will say no more.

Club Dragon was recorded in Los Angles by esteemed producer Steve Evetts and will be released in September via Krod Records (France), Far Channel Records (Japan) and Joe Cool Records (France).

Find the band, labels and pre-orders below:


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