Jake Thomas Turnbull and The ‘Fire’ Single.

Jake Thomas Turnbull – Darlington/London, England, United Kingdom.

The British music scene is being heavily dominated by lashings of Indie-Folk at present, with the likes of James Bay and Ed Sheeran busting out acoustic classics like no one’s business. Amongst the ever-growing tribe of shitty Bob Dylan knock-offs there is a rose between the thorns in the shape of Jake Thomas Turnbull.

Originating from Darlington and living in London, Jake Thomas Turnbull is armed with a guitar, British charm and the twang of a northern accent echoing throughout his songs, in turn producing a beautifully sombre and simplistic brand of Indie-Folk.

The latest single is entitled ‘Fire’ and it’s a simple display of raw emotion. The vocal work is a wonder, it’s calm and mellow during the verse, with a sudden beautiful immensity appearing in the chorus.

It’s a catchy mix to be blunt and to say the least – a popular display of talent. The guitar-work really stands out for me though, it’s original, and quite unlike a lot of acoustic-Indie that just ends up sounding the same. Mr. Turnbull’s work is however quite upbeat against the lyrics and sits as a nice contrast.

Whilst the lyrics can be somewhat repetitive and predictable, the message is relatable. The notion of burning bridges so much they become nothing but ash is simple and the infectious tune creates the perfect landscape for this metaphor.

With an extensive gig list in our countries capital and an ever-growing fan base Jake Thomas Turnbull is set the make even bigger waves throughout the Indie-Folk scene. Definitely an act to be on the lookout for!

Find him below:



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