Midday Swim and The ‘Climbing Out Of Caves’ EP.

Midday Swim – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Canada in my own opinion is an absolute Well of vibrant and diverse musical talent. You can find a link to all we have covered from the absolute expanse of a country – Here – but that isn’t why we are here, for specifically we are here for the latest from Toronto Indie specialists, Midday Swim.

Myself being British, I can relatively speaking legitimately say that as a people, we feel we have somewhat of an increased claim to Indie music and to some extent, there is precedent to this through our musical history. That said, with something of an increase of late the Canadian and in this case Toronto Indie scene, there are bands crying out for the ears of Indie music humans everywhere.

Climbing Out Of Caves is the latest and second release from five-piece and starts a little something like this…

Having listened to this EP through a few times by now, I have to say that the decision to start with the playful wit of ‘Living A Lie’ was an excellent decision. The track is grade-A Indie-Pop and needn’t be any more.

If ‘Living A Lie’ was playful in a soap opera fashion then ‘Hold On Tight’ is just as well written. Musically I don’t want to use the word ‘heavier’ but ‘Hold On Tight’ sees far more obvious guitars and it works, showing newcomers to the band that they simply aren’t a one trick generic Indie Pony.

I shall admit I really wasn’t sold on the opening of ‘Oh My My’ initially. The track marks lends itself into Pop territory in a fashion that is itself sonically sound but prominent for the wrong reasons, again, initially.

This penultimate track has somewhat of a 80’s/90’s-pop twinge and it works but still stands out. Despite this however it was the middle of the composition that completely surprised me and turned my opinion.

The ever-slow build up of complexity and playfulness reaches a increasingly plugged-in climax. A short but expertly beaten drum-intro before a darker more serious and sombre synth-Alternative Rock sound closes a track very different from its beginnings and its certainly something.

‘We Got Here’ very much takes cues from each of its three older siblings and quite rightly so. The final instalment is both another example of the constant crossover between the Rock and Pop of the the Indie spectrum but also that of a band that are clearly adept at not only playing, but in structuring a release.

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