Sage and The Debut ‘Procrastinate’ EP.

Sage – Cochrane, Ontario, Canada.

As a herb, there is no apparent “good evidence’” that Sage has a beneficial impact on the brain. However, the best thing about this Sage, is that as a band, they’re from the same town as Tim Hortons. Now gee isn’t that a wonderful coincidence.

It was just the other day that I was wishing I had a good cup of coffee and a “donut” to keep my belly sated whilst listening to Procrastinate the hottest new export Cochrane has to offer this year. Happy 150th Birthday Canada, how Wonderfully Unexpected!

Sage spread eight tracks of dreamy Grunge for those who are spending a bit too much time eating Poutine flavoured Potato Chips. ‘Sinking Boats’ skips along in catchy waves of gravy until there’s this drop into half-time that eschews that Sub-Pop Washington quiet-loud formula.

‘Good Enough’ is a dirty nights sleep, jolting to wake up and take a leak towards the end. ‘Relive the Past’ has this whiny guitar in the background feeling lost and quirky but the descent into this sodden chorus (?) is great. Sage don’t live in the swamp, they just like to play in it time to time until their Mum shouts at them for trailing mud into the house just as she’s finished cleaning the carpet.

Those riffs backing up ‘Procrastinate’ though, yeah that’s something good but the rest of the song is kind of lacking an ingredient. It’s like Anna Olson is making Poutine Baked Potatoes with fake cheese when every other Poutine Baked Potato she’s made for you has been made with real cheese.

But when we get to ‘Zillion’ I’m hearing ‘River in the Road/Run, Pig, Run’ by Queens Of The Stone Age. So Sage are giving me wet desert imaginings instead of wet Sycamore trees taking in oxygen and breathing out angst.

So let’s ignore that that Nirvana cover, (least favourite song on the EP maybe???) and head on down to The Ice Hut for a Labatt Blue because what better have you got to do, listen to Procrastinate?

But yes, you should find the time to listen to it. It’s hot outside right now so treat yourself to a cold one with the boys and play out Procrastinate, it really is something wonderfully unexpected.

(This review has possibly been brought to you by the Official Board of Tourism for Cochrane, Ontario).

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