Over Time: The Band and The Debut ‘Chances’ EP.

Over Time – Denver, Colorado, USA.

Hailing from in and around the musical hub of Punk music known as Denver, Colorado, Over Time have had a busy month. The band played their first show in early May, haven’t really stopped playing more shows since and are now set to release their debut EP to get their foot in the door more so on June 23rd.

More so? Well this four-piece are not just sonically confused (more on that in a moment) but are also comprised via members of local staples, Anchor Point, The Repercussions and MF staples, Three Grams, who can be found – Here.

Sonic confusion? Well, Over Time are partial to melodic Skate Punk as much as they are classic gritty, buzzsaw Pop-Punk but that’s not even their whole night… The band take considerable borrowing from Hardcore and its various cousins with their citations hitting notes from Rise Against, Gorilla Biscuits, Comeback Kid and Touche Amore to name a few.

Over Time it seems couldn’t quite cut their ideas down to one unified sound. So with that the band decided to release an EP that based on what you hear and when, changes what you are to expect and normally – normally – this would be a technique that would irk me slightly and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t… to begin with.

‘Stand By Me’ is a fist-in-the-air community anthem of melodic Punk that takes as much in the way of Hardcore vocal aggression as it does Skate Punk pace and Pop-Punk melodic overlays. You hear this track and you think to yourself that you would be happy to see an EP entirely in this vein and expect it to be so, wrongly.

‘The Bottle’ sounds akin to both eras of Comeback Kid combined, pushing NYC-esque Hardcore groove with the early 2000’s Melodic Hardcore drive. ‘Chances’ on the other hand opens with such an emotional screaming croon that it sounds as if the vocalist is half way to tears in a manner that echoes both the more Post-Hardcore elements of Rise Against and Touche Amore similarly before classic and cathartic Melodic Hardcore bursts from the emotional confines.

I wouldn’t normally use so many images mid-review but I feel the above illustrates this point well enough, so anyway, back to it. This pace is broken momentarily by a Hardcore refrain worthy of the more recent Andrew Neufeld-fronted Comeback Kid providing this track with a three-pronged Hardcore pitchfork to the rear-end/ass/arse/bottom – or whatever way you want to describe the abrupt nature of this track.

The hinted sound you were so only slightly taunted by with ‘Stand By Me’ closes the album. ‘Pretentious’ is a dark and witty track that bashes those not worth knowing in the only way Over Time could think of, in near perfect 90’s Punk-Rock.

Find the band and their contemporaries below:



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