Fight For Friday and The ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ Single.

Fight For Friday – Barrow In Furness, England, United Kingdom.

The Northwest of England is home to a Pop-Punk band by the name of Fight For Friday. Now, although the band are a strong example and relevantly-sounded band in the contemporary UK Pop-Punk scene, they have their fingers more than one stylistic pie.

The band’s sound carries a 90’s flare to their Pop-Punk as well as to their harder Punk-edged tendencies but also carries a distinct and dated Garage Rock tone on the strings and vocals and if that wasn’t enough, the four-piece even flirt with Ska on occasion.

To date the band’s catalogue includes their original demo as well as their 2016 EP Call Me Old Fashioned which is well worth a sample but that is not what we are gathered here for. We are here for a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ meeting that’s no where near as monotonous as you’d expect, so forget the tea and biscuits and try to ignore the writhing and moaning of Mrs. Smith from number 42 for at least the next two minutes and fifty-nine seconds.

Fight For Friday have very much moved for a hook laden sing-a-long with this one. Musically speaking they have stripped “Easycore” down to its bare essentials and opted for a vocal style sat somewhere between Indie Rock and Pop-Punk.

The band tease you with brief bursts of classic tempo and their roots more than once alongside other equally teasing stylistic displays. This is an early-to-mid 2000’s Pop-Punk track that is showing its creators versatility. The band are set to release their next EP early next year and have clearly chosen ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ to show where they are.

Unfortunately we will seemingly have to put up with the tedium of Mrs. Smith for quite a while longer but its apparent the wait will be compensated.

Find the band below:



Matthew Speer

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