The Good The Bad and The Zugly – ‘The Worst Four Years’.

The Good The Bad and The Zugly – Oslo, Norway.

It seems Norway have been hiding something from the rest of the world in the form of Oslo Street Punk/Hardcore band, The Good The Bad and The Zugly. Now, anyone who reads my reviews will know I’m a big 90’s buff. It’s not the decade I was born in but it was the decade I created myself in and nurtured my passion for Punk-Rock and with that, it’s bands like this that changed my life…

The Worst Four Years is a collection of the band’s early work consisting of 7″ singles and B-sides just in case you missed them the first time round. This release is twelve tracks of non-stop aggression and apathy along with an extremely tight rhythm section, fat guitar tones, hooks and sing along chorus’.

Comprised of five dudes and forming around 2011, the band have since released two full length LPs and have now decided to compile the early days in this compilation, showing from get-go how tight they were and indeed are. After all you can be as Punk as you want to be, loud, obnoxious, fast and angry but if you don’t hone your craft you’re going nowhere.

Lyrically this is poetry influenced by the day to day of an un-natural born society kicking you in the side of the head. Knowing you are basically surrounded by idiots and can’t do anything about it, you write words then scream those words to a back drop razorblades ready for the kill.

When listening to rawness such as this I can’t help but wonder what their live shows would be like… small, crowded, in a dim-lit venue with sweat dripping from every fixture and a pit that would make GG proud. All this however with the nihilistic intentions on the back burner and replaced with the “if someone falls, you pick them up” mentality.

At any viewed angle of these hard-rockers from the European land-mass, we can find the energy drawing us in like a tractor beam and wish to be part of it in any respect. Whether this will be going to a show or blasting their tunes through your speakers, these lads are personified rage and melody.

I’ll leave you with a snippet from a show from The Garage in Bergen. It’s not on the record but I feel it really captures the band live.

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Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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