Honeyspider – ‘Cogs’ Single Review.

Honeyspider – Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

I remember being in college doing my BTEC in Music and by the time I left I was playing music that to me was a heavy noisy blend of Deftones and My Bloody Valentine. If I was to continue it would be Noise Rock or Jazz that I would be playing. Honeyspider list both the above bands as influences.

Their single ‘Cogs’ has vocals that sound like Chino’s vocals Saturday Night Wrist era if I tell you that they do. If I don’t then where do they take you, maybe late 2000’s Emo? But it’s 2017 and we’re being trendy so Honeyspider have some real good vocals that are all up in your face like the 1990’s – but go listen to some ‘Ride’ and it’s a little different isn’t it?

‘Cogs’ as a single has the same issue that other bands like Milk Teeth and Big Deal have when they play with these guitar tones, as when they play with these effects it sees them in the shadow of Bilinda Butcher. Give Honeyspider a female vocalist and it’s like mixing cough syrup with Sprite.

‘Cogs’ struggles vocally, there’s not enough grit that I feel the track needs because the instruments are heavy in that restless hot summer late night daze way, and I like that. But with the vocals how they are there’s an imbalance on the track, the chorus of ‘the cogs are winding‘ drones out in my head like that kid in secondary school who kept pressing the DJ button – it’d sound great in the right context.

Honeyspider have nothing agonisingly painful about their sound. They don’t play it over sweet which is so easily done and they haven’t caked themselves in this guitar effect or that one. The production is good and it’s polished , but is it such a disgrace to be wishing for something more unhinged?

Go listen to ‘Cogs’ if you want your playlist beefed out a bit because ‘Cogs’ is your mates car that he’s seemingly had forever and never misses a beat. ‘Cogs’ is consistent and forward moving and Honeyspider have wound themselves up with in anything a tidy second single.

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