SickOnes, In Tribute and Redux.

SickOnes – South West, England, United Kingdom.

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As far as relatively unused words go in the English language, “Redux” is certainly one that I enjoy. Now the relevance of that pointless piece of information regarding the contents of my vocabulary, may seem lacking but in actuality, it is entirely relevant to the tenacious Hardcore band we are here to behold, that being SickOnes.

The band have set their song ‘Parasite’ to a considerable redux both with its camera work in loving tribute to the Bristol Punk and Hardcore scene that has taken them under its Cider-soaked wing and to the stripped down but relentless singular axe, imposing set of skins and rage imbued vocals.

‘I now consider this to be the “final” version’ – CJW.

Charlie Jones-West re-recorded the guitars of ‘Parasite’ as the first of three choice-cuts from their 2016 EP The Volition. The EP although not officially a demo, has been considered such by the band in retrospect to how fast they have been moving with recording, writing and touring. Whether these three choice cuts will elude to a re-issue or a new release is unclear and remains to be seen.

With the new guitar-work the hoarseness of Ben Curd’s vocals really come to play. Live they are imposing and on latter recordings they found indeed their home so it makes both perfect and sonic sense to remix his cathartic rage and bring it closer to reality and the sharper strings.

The obvious lack of a bass guitar is now less obvious and the percussion of the giant Andy Wrintmore now sits even smoother than the “demo” version. Curious?

I have never had an issue with re-hashes of dated material but it often garners criticism from the raw purists of the more dated Punk and Hardcore scenes. This move by SickOnes however deserves no such gibes.

The band want to sound better and display a more immersive sound, and have actually, with the above point taken into account, ended up amplifying the raw and gritty sound that the initial ‘Parasite’ was but an inch short of.

Well played.

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