TIGERSTYLE and The Forthcoming ‘I Can’t Stay’.

TIGERSTYLE – Northampton, England, United Kingdom.

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Above you will find a link to our review of the last release from the capitalised Northampton Pop-Punks, TIGERSTYLE. We sat down with Where Do We Go From Here? back in 2015 which is now obviously quite some time ago.

Now, in the grand scheme of things the amount of time that has elapsed since then has allowed the band to mature beyond that third EP into something more. We’d be lying we said we ourselves hadn’t changed, so now a more mature MF will examine a more mature TIGERSTYLE. – Here’s to getting old.

After both a brief subdued intro and then a staggered set of Pop-Punk riffs, ‘Glory Days’ wastes no time in giving us a variation of the “Pop-Punk Vs. This Town” epic. Musically the verses are stripped down with the classic Punk tone of the bass sitting over equally classic Pop-Punk guitars leading into a chorus that sounds akin to something from Polar Bear Club‘s last release.

‘Glory Days’ is both memorable and telling of a stronger TIGERSTYLE and opens this debut full-length strong enough. ‘Brickwork’ is very much classic of the band but with their layered sound carrying more weight. Vocally speaking I can’t decide if the Pop-Punk tones have been refined or matured but in either eventuality, it works.

The band have always predominately sat closer to a more riff-laden Rock-sound and a mid tempo rather than break-neck pace and with ‘Between Cities’, despite the track having its moments, it’s ultimately is nothing more that one of the simply “good” tracks of the release.

The above isn’t to say that the band don’t indulge in the faster things in life, for you are teased in single ‘Another Year Another Nail’ where another glimpse at the band’s past is given though slightly more jagged strings and higher pitched vocals via more classic UK Pop-Punk.

‘Cross My Mind’ is very much the mid-point in the band trying to find the balance between their standard and faster tempo. ‘Cross My Mind’ is anthemic and emotive and a contender one of the best from I Can’t Stay.

The album really comes into its own at this stage. The progression of the band within the album itself in regard to individual stylistics and the general comfortability reach their peak. TIGERSTYLE show a heavier more mature sound and increase such gradually rather than gamble with the albums flow.

The second half of the album is unequivocally strong and after hearing its predecessor half before hand, I honestly didn’t expect it to be as strong as it turned out to be nor did I think the flow would run so uninterrupted and “on schedule”.

I Can’t Stay is still a Pop-Punk album and I think that is its one great unambigious strength. The band have honed their Pop-Punk into something that can be sent else where if needed but can also maintain its prowess if not. The cliches of the genre are still out and about as in truth, no band can ignore them but that said they are ambling along looking to grow into the future.

‘A Great Year For Baseball’ is a return to the poppier classic TIGERSYLE sound after the previous weighted notes have subsided with ‘All Four Seasons’ following suit. – ‘Heroes let me down but I had Ideas that couldn’t phase’

They end their debut full-length with a short intro before the aptly titled ‘Moving Forward’, a title fitting to tie-off this story as well depicting the future of TIGERSTYLE.

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