Wolfe Sunday and Forthcoming The Self-Titled.

Wolfe Sunday – London, England, United Kingdom.

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Before we begin, there is some credit that needs to be given to those that made this album possible. The artwork for this piece and the majority of those from Wolfe Sunday’s catalogue have been designed and drawn by none other than Laurence Crow’s father, Jereme. Secondly Mr. Crow the younger would like to stress the importance of long-time collaborator, Will Cummings, who not only once again provided the percussion for this album but recorded, mixed and mastered it in its entirety.

Now that’s out the way, lets gets to grips with the latest from the thought-to-composition honest London Folk Punk of Wolfe Sunday.

‘Song For You’ is nothing but touching in Wolfe Sunday’s softer style but still full of a very strong sense of Punk community. From the first verse to the very end word, the one thing that keeps myself and many coming back to Wolfe Sunday, is the humble emotion.

‘Mixtape’ is charged and semi-acoustic. The track blends the older and harsher Punk-rooted aspects of Wolfe Sunday with the contemporary Folk sing-a-longs so prevalent in his later work. ‘Mixtape’ to use this cliche line again, is nothing but infectious in its sad lament and juxtaposing adoration.

‘We’ve seen ‘Damage Control’ before – Here – and with this the album, the weight, production, backing vocals, infectious hooks and ear-wormy chord progressions have been amplified with the personal love for fast melodic Punk-Rock that I know for a fact Mr. Crow has shining in the latter part of this return to his roots.

*embedded version is the original recording*

‘I Spend More Time In Service Stations Than I Do On Stage’ will very much resonate with any of you who have toured as a musician, while the middle single from the album, ‘The Barstool Brawler’s Son’ brings it all down to solid and classic Folk Rock.

‘Lets Start A Fire’ is a socio-political Punk song without any need for instrumentation. It is here that Mr. Crow’s vocals and indeed song writing are at their best and upon release I can see many quoting such and hitting play again and again.

‘Making Memories’ is a sad love song and another lament but at the same time a tale of a collection of past loves and of a young man falling in love with Punk-Rock. – ‘And now the only love I need, is standing here in front of me, in this moment here – making memories’.

The theme of reminiscing, love and indeed love loss is very much a recurring theme on the record and by the time of track eight it settled down for the night.

‘Shoes’ is not even thirty seconds and for whatever reason that it was included it gives a somewhat hard to follow insight into the recording of this self-titled album. With ‘I’m Still Not A Rockstar, But I Sure Wish I Was’ the title is actually partially misleading. The track is very well written and as quotable as you would come to expect but in harsh reality tells the truth of the life of an underground musician complete with its vices and its silver linings.

‘Living Rooms Aren’t For Living In, Anyway’ is under a minute and another charged Folk Punk track, cheerful, witty and convulsion inducing.

‘English Water’ takes the harder sound of ‘Damage Control’ volume two and the harder Punk-Rock stylistics it played with for another anthemic Wolfe Sunday song but with catharsis through harder vocals, melodies and an unexpected Folk-Hardcore breakdown that is simply fantastic.

‘English Water’ is the closing mainline track and gives us more of glimpse of this Wolfe Sunday “full-band” before an acoustic rendition of ‘Living Rooms Aren’t For Living In, Anyway’ that is itself enjoyable but hard to concentrate on after the chilling ‘English Water’.

Wolfe Sunday will be available via Beth Shalom Records on the 14th July.

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