Waiting For Yesterday – ‘Elementary, My Dear Watson’.

Waiting For Yesterday – LA, California, USA.

Waiting For Yesterday are a band from LA that have just released their brand new ten year old album by the name of – Elementary, My Dear Watson. I promise you that does make sense. The band have been through the hardships of playing “back in the day”, suffering line-up changes and ultimately having to give up on their pursuits as many on the underground scene often do.

However, by late 2015 the band decided to unearth and re-hash these twelve tracks of So-Cal Pop-Punk which eventually led to the album Elementary, My Dear Watson. You never grow out of what you love…

Within the opening notes of ‘Tonight’ you are transported back to the laste 90’s and early 2000’s where Pop-Punk had settled on a playful take on its raw predecessor laid down by the Fat and Epitaph bands who trailed the way. You can still hear the Skate Punk roots and you can’t help but feel thankful for that.

‘Missing You’ sounds akin to yet another cross of classic bands with Strung Out and the Pop-Rock inclined Yellowcard coming to the forefront this time. Two tracks into this “never growing up” album you cannot help but feel maybe waiting so long to release these tracks whether intentional or not was likely the best course of action.

Another aspect of this album that is very much unexpected after the first two tracks at least is the applicability to the now. The band are very much old-school inspired but tracks such as ‘Remembering’ and ‘Only One’ are much more in the vein of modern stalwarts Neck Deep and The Wonder Years to name a just two.

You wouldn’t put ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ too far away from either the late 90’s or early-to-mid 2000’s as the Pop-Rock/Power-Pop inclinations of the band begin to float to the surface. ‘Keep Me In Mind’ is very reminiscent of vintage Mark Hoppus Blink-182 but at the same time relatively near to the opinion dividing exploits of Busted and all their ilk.

‘A Little Something More’ continues to merge the two stylistic sides to Waiting For Yesterday. Compositionally speaking the band are sonically tight and as sound as they can be. Every track no matter how different is the best it can be but with that said, the album and its flow begin to suffer as it can’t seem to make its mind up or what continuity it wants to follow.

‘On My Own’ very much sets the record back on track. I’m sat here bobbing around more than I would like to admit at this stage. This is pure third-wave Pop-Punk for fans of New Found Glory, Yellowcard and the legacies they carved. The production on this album very suits the sound of WFY as a whole with the band’s skill at arms is very hard to criticise, as is their tribute to certain politician at the end of this one…

‘Cory and Topanga’ is the track that all the releases back in the day had to have. The band play lower, more sombre and with more angst in the Punk-Rock song of this Pop-Punk release that coincidentily is also the best they have to offer. That is before the near-perfect Pop-Punk love song and stylistics of ‘All Things You’ll Never Know’.

‘Real Heroes’ is the closest the band get to the contemporary Pop-Punk ballad and that is where I shall leave you.

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Matthew Speer

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