Fresh Picks: Kill The Drama Queen.

Kill The Drama QueenLuxembourg/France/Belgium.

Fresh Picks are designed to give readers all the reasons they will need to indulge in whatever facet of underground music we come across, a short – ish – take on a band or artist to entice the prospective listener with enough name-drops, genre-tags and general statements doing whatever artist justice.

Enter Kill The Drama Queen with their strong take on the world of Progressive Rock and Metal. The band released their debut album Divided Alignment this past April and it’s one that could easily be spun (digitally for now) from beginning to end then back to the beginning, but why?

Well, if you constructed a supergroup constituted vocally from both Metallica, Pearl Jam and a sprinkling of Tool/A Perfect Circle, then musically from the latter three of the aforementioned as well as stylistics from the slower end of Alternative Rock and particularly Stoner Rock, then you would to some extent have something relatively well resembling Kill The Drama Queen.

The band also cite System Of A Down among their influences and in many ways, the slow rhythmic melodies and plodding along much of the bands’s instrumentation would match such but only wholly so alongside the vocal output. It is very much the riffs however, the band for the most part blast slow, heavy and cumbersome simplistic Metal riffs juxtaposed with blasts of Punk and harder, sharper Metal riffs. See ‘The Ocean’.

The band have their own variant of Tool’s Progressive Metal down on paper and etched into stone. This is Prog-Metal that although is unmistakable in its Metal appreciation, in a very well-played move, filters such through other stylistics from the aforementioned Punk, Grunge and Stoner Rock.

One of the most entertaining parts of their debut album is the near-constant change in the vocal output as it crosses from tributes to Eddie Vedder, James Hetfield and Maynard James Keenan seamlessly.

Kill The Drama Queen are not only named after a thought we have all likely had, but are also back in the studio so you should likely keep an eye and maybe even both of your ears in a state of readiness.

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