Hypophora and The ‘Headlines’ Single/Video.

Hypophora – Truro, England, United Kingdom.

Cover photo credit: Craig Taylor Broad.
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Post-Hardcore, a genre that follows as many rules as it doesn’t. A genre that you can certainly spot but at the same time when you have, said recognisable characteristics are often following their own rules; it’s all very convoluted. That said with all that, you are however exposed to some considerable talent, which is where Truro four-piece Hypophora come in.

The band’s latest single is testament to what made the early days of this progressive wing of Punk-Rock so dangerous, ground-breaking and ever-lastingly influential. The band not only provide a tribute to days gone by but also in lieu of seminal bands such as Fugazi, consolidate a wide a variety of influences.

‘Headlines’ takes the sharp stop-starts from the faster vein of Post-Hardcore as it plays with its Punk and Alternative Rock roots. As ever, Kate McConnell’s vocals bring the melodic Pop-led applicability in the softer verses before soaring into the chorus with far more power and range.

‘Headlines’ seamlessly segues from its sudden need to be short-fast-loud to soft and playful Funk in-line with their more melodic and Pop-sensibilities. I dare you not to be able to find the same technique on a Fugazi record.

It is from 2:20 that the band’s three noise-mongers finally fail to suppress the urge for a break-down – a good one –  in a very well filmed moment of cathartic release before all is calm and back to soft-chilled Funk playfully plied with Soft-Jazz. However, as you would expect, that memorable chorus has one last foray.

Hypophora know exactly what they are doing, they match a tribute to the vintage progressive Punk years, it’s latter and more recent melodic obsession and just about whatever they enjoy. ‘Headlines’ is a perfect underground Pop-song that isn’t really a Pop-song and the sign of a band on the uninterruptible up.

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