Quit Yr Job At The Nest – 19/10/17: A Showcase.

The Nest – Bath, England, United Kingdom.

Quit Yr Job Records are another one of those fledgling labels slowly but surely making their way around the monotonous routine of modern life in order to collect bands. Collecting said bands is seemingly a slow process but with the output this little upstart of a label now has in the Bath and Bristol area, they have decided to unveil a grand showcase over two dates, starting with the infamous (The) Nest in Bath.

The four-band bill will include Breakfast Records exports, Springbreak, in an attempt via Quit Yr Job to merge the Bath and Bristol scenes alongside some of their own rostered talent, which includes locals Beefywink and Moth who count the label founders in their line-up. Quite notably, in lieu of the underground music tradition, local independent DIY humans Ilo Ilo will also be making an appearance.

But who are these bands and why should you allow them to make your ear canal their home?

Ilo Ilo – Bath.

Photo credit: Nathan Alexander Howard.

I actually saw Ilo Ilo play the now lost (but not forgotten) Hobgoblin Pub in Bath round two years ago on a whim. The band were absolutely no where near where I was expecting them to be sonically considering their affiliation to local Powerviolence/Hardcore/Noise Punks Skinners and if I’m honest, really quite impressed me.

You could quite reasonably sit them slap-bang in the ever widening genre stylistic of Indie music and leave it but you’d be doing Ilo Ilo an injustice as they are so much more than that, despite not much of a recorded presence.

The band take gloomy Post-Punk tones and apply them to softer welcoming Jazz bass-lines which allow the dulcet vocals to really hit home without hitting home, rather just comfortably sitting there welcoming you to calm down a bit and forget the stress of the day past. I would personally love hear more from Ilo Ilo and if that’s the case for yourself, that is enough reason to head long on the 19/10/17.

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Beefywink – Bath.

For our previous work on the band – Click Here.

Beefywink are very much that band on that Punk bill with those other bands. They match the anger and the catharsis and certainly the energy of their on-stage compadres but still manage stick out like a sore thumb, in the most complimentary way possible.

With a steady stream of releases this year the band mix and match their aggressive socio-political Punk-Rock leanings with the more refined end of Grunge, all with the seemingly national-scene resurgence of Post-Punk gloomily laid across the bare rage – or something like that.

Now as much as I have likely quite deliberately picked the most “punk” of the band’s tracks, with Beefywink you can expect jagged Garage Rock and playful Indie-laced guitars fed into an already eclectic sound. Beefywink are perhaps a perfect addition to this bill, for they bring an instrumental and emotional weight you will want to see, hear and maybe be slightly trod-on by if you’re into that.

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Moth – Bristol.

There isn’t a great deal known about Moth. The band consists of Quit Yr Job founders Bradley White and George Thornton and is a wholly new band formed from the ashes of Low-Fi Indie-Punks, The Gunflowers.

It is said that the band retain the raucous gritty energy of their forebears unto their new self-titled genre of “dream punk”. What this “dream punk” will indeed sound like is still up for much debate with the only real clue being the aforementioned energy inherited from The Gunflowers, who if you ever had to chance to witness live, put on quite a show.

Moth are in the works of piecing together a release and despite as a unit being a year in the making, are yet to destroy and/or grace a stage. 19/10/17 – be there.

The band have no current social media presence.

Springbreak – Bristol.

On loan from Breakfast Records, the final band on the bill and headliner position goes to Springbreak. The band have cut their teeth on tour with US with Garage Rock Punks The Coathangers and in the words of Quit Yr Job – ‘have become cozily embedded into Bristol and are now a staple band for anyone even slightly involved in its underground DIY scene.’

The band’s EP As Yet is twenty-eight minutes in length despite its four tracks. You are hit with Shoegaze and Post-Rock influenced instrumentation and harmonic, high-pitched vocals sat somewhere between Post-Punk and Indie-Pop and it’s something to behold. Intelligent, honest lyrics meet you immediately with their EP opener ‘Flies’, as the Shoegaze haze subsides from time to time to show the complexity at work behind the scenes.

The sound of Springbreak as is witty and mature but also gritty and unrefined. For music very down tempo it still more than manages to hold you close as it lightly treads along its allotted set time. ‘Beige Food’ carries a welcome Low-Fi fuzz onto the memorable ‘Punk Rock Bitch’ and the absorbing and immersive ‘Slamming Doors’ where you see the band at their best and most progressive.

My advice? go to this show and stay until the last note has been plucked and the feedback subsided on a bill that will be sure to take you round the bend and up the hill as it sticks to its path just enough to end the way it should.

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The showcase at The Nest is the first in a run of two Quit Yr Job shows with the second taking place at The Old England in Bristol in November, so after this little extravaganza and another underground show you really should support, consider another, you won’t regret it.

For all details on both shows, head to all things Quit Yr Job Records and Breakfast Records below:


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