Compilation Review: Yo! Dirty Sushi (Dirty Sushi Records).

Dirty Sushi Records – Your Ears, United Kingdom.

Cover photo: BarCreeps.

The UK DIY Punk scene is absolutely thriving in 2017, and we’re utterly spoilt for choice with the breadth and diversity of homegrown independent labels. UK based Punk label Dirty Sushi Records have very recently released a little gem of an eight track sampler titled Yo! Dirty Sushi through bandcamp; featuring Paper Champ, Plus 10 Damage, Second in Line, BarCreeps and WOOD from this side of the pond as well Backpacks (US) and The Konbinis (France).

It’s a really well curated selection of the label’s offerings, albeit a tad short at only eight tracks; however, the focus here is on quality rather than quantity and there isn’t a disengaging moment here.

London Skate Punks BarCreeps kick things off with the abrasive, catchy and excellent ‘Down Town’ from their recent self-titled EP. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

The Surrey/Berkshire based Plus 10 Damage contribute the absolutely superb ‘The Night Is Young’, which is an utterly FANTASTIC song. The track is very much mature Emo, intelligent soulful Pop-Rock and just a generally very well executed composition. Many of the same plaudits can be said of Michigan’s Backpacks, who provide ‘Feels Like’  the first of two immaculately produced tracks on this stellar compilation.

I love Thames Valley Skate Punks Second In Line and have had the pleasure of seeing them live three times so far this year. They shoot for a sound that’s akin to Bad Religion meets Snuff and it’s pretty dead on target. They work best live but ‘John Candy Is Dead’ is probably my personal favourite song overall from their work. The track is fun, incredibly catchy and sets you to thinking about your own mortality as well as feeling concern for the life-span of everyones favourite celebrities!

The Konbinis are arguably the weakest contribution here with their offering of a Pop-Punk cover of Tatu’s hit single ‘All The Things She Said’. It’s a fun song and competently transposed a different genre, but I just would’ve preferred to have heard an original tune.

WOOD from Plymouth offer up ‘Yellow Terror’, and it ties with Second In Line for the catchiest lyric with the repeated mantra ‘I. Fucking. Hate. Bananas’. Personally I would say this is probably my favourite track here; the opening riff is reminiscent of ‘Suckerpunch’ by The Wildhearts (in a good way), it’s as funny as it is heavy and intense and there are moments at the end of real musical beauty. Everyone should check this out. Preferably now.

Paper Champ from Ipswich are up next with the short and sweet ‘Faith Costs’ and it delivers the best riffery (professional term) on offer here. I’ve been looking forward to catching them live and I really hope I shall have the opportunity to soon enough.

Backpacks come back for a second tune to close proceedings in epic fashion with the dense, sprawling, emotive and dreamy epic ‘No Name’, in a well deserved sit down after the ride this comp may or may not have forced you on.

To be blunt,I really recommend this compilation as at £1 on the Dirty Sushi bandcamp, it’s an absolute steal! Plus, it’s an easy way to support another underground label enroute to bringing you the best of the underground music scene.

In addition to this sampler, Paper Champ have also recently released their latest EP Easily L.E.D with Dirty Sushi Records and also in conjunction with their pals at the equally worth your time, Back From The Dead Records.

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