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21 Again – Marseille, France.

We all wish we could be 21 Again, for me that wasn’t too long ago, well – five years but we are not here for anything to do with me, rather Marseille Pop-Punk band 21 Again. The band are very focussed not on biological age as much as you’d think but rather in adding to the contemporary Pop-Punk scene.

To date the band have successfully released two EP’s with their most recent Theres No Way I Could Deal Without You boasting seven tracks of crunching three-to-four chord rhythms and plenty of singalong Pop-Rock sensibilities.

The band take clear influence from vintage Paramore before they themselves decided to stop hating this town… Within seconds of ‘See You On The Other Side’, influence from any of the band’s first three albums can be easily heard but with the notable dual vocals of 21 Again standing the pair well apart.

But it’s not just the poppier end of the genre the band boast, for ties to the classic 90’s poke through via influence from vintage Blink-182 as well as their later seminal self-titled record. 21 Again can do the mid-tempo Pop-Punk ballads but also the pace and it rightly suits them.

These are songs about the very scene aesthetic of the genre, it is somewhat cliche and nothing new but that doesn’t dispute how well it has been showcased. This is punchy contemporary Pop-Punk paired with the classics of the now as much as the past. See ‘Road Trip’ and ’21 Grams’.

I may well be focussing on the band latest foray but it would be wrong to discount the also notably well produced first EP – I Love You Guys More Than Me. 

Pop-Punk bands, they are everywhere and here’s another one worth looking at.

21 Again are currently signed to Bad Mood Asso Records.

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