COMPLETE! and The Debut EP ‘D’.

COMPLETE! – Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine.

COMPLETE! are a melodic Punk-Rock band from the Ukraine and upon listening to their debut EP you are both provided with a healthy and welcome dose of 90’s nostalgia as well as affirmation that 90’s style Punk and Pop-Punk music is alive, well and indeed fitting to its contemporary surroundings.

With the melodic variations of the multi-faceted sound of the Punk tree boasting some of the best records of this year from the heavy hitters at least, it’s also to the underground scenes we must look as collectively 2017’s output as been insane. Enter COMPLETE! and their debut D.

With ‘In Bog We Trust’ The brooding, moody classic Pop-Punk intro on high-pitched guitars tells you of an EP that will be nothing but anthemic. Interestingly, notes of mid-career Alkaline Trio permeate the verses of a track that although actually the weakest on the release on the whole, still starts the release off right.

‘Anchor’ is an unrelenting and well written assault on addiction as it moves over and infects more levels of society then we realise. Musically the track is the perfect punchy melodic Punk/Skate Punk crossover complete with near-perfect placed melodic guitar-lines and all the anthemic “woah-ohs” a genre-buff could ask for.

‘Senseless talks, fake smile, disguise you are a liar

Flattery won’t support, time doesn’t heal
Excuses won’t cool down sizzling hot steel
Promises and swears not worth a damn, contemptible
Love won’t save the world, we don’t deserve’

‘Anchor’ attacks the ludicrous nature of the way we live from the very heart of those within in the wave of criticism that is growing exponentially. COMPLETE! despite their age as a band are skilled hands and are crossing from hard-driven Punk into a lamenting and anthemic chorus much in the vein of bands such as Flag On Fire.

‘Liar’ is much of the same and driven with again well constructed and placed melodic guitars this time with hints at a harder vintage Melodic Hardcore sound through harder riffs and sharp break-downs. No Trigger come to mind.

With that said and indeed read, the closing track of this unfortunately short but well-grounded debut follows the temptation of heavier paths further with a blasting Melodic Hardcore intro and onset gang vocals giving COMPLETE! a further air of musical weight. ‘No Way To Run’ was actually the band’s debut track and with increased good reason in hindsight as it is the best option to close the debut release.

COMPLETE! flirt with various aspects of melodic Punk music in a release well grounded and comfortable but still putting out its feelers for whatever is next.

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