Cuecliché and The New Single ‘Save Me’.

Cuecliché – London, England, United Kingdom.

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London Pop-Punks Cuecliché have returned with a new single and the next chapter in the finding of their own Pop-Punk sound. The band’s first EP moved across various veins of the genre from Easycore, back to the classic 90’s and early 2000’s and onward to more Pop-Rock-led territory which is where we find ourselves with this latest single.

‘Save Me’ carries a slow tempo with fluttering, high-pitched guitars in a contemporary Pop-Punk ballad that will likely be serving the purpose of said position within their next numerically significant release. The band penchant for soft Emo-Pop vocals surpasses the grittier harder vocals prominent on previous tracks such as ‘One Last Chance’ in this anthem of self-determination.

Although arguably taking a risk in releasing such a slower less charged track as a forerunning single, Cuecliché are still very much treading the water and given the pattern of their last release and likely have a lot more in-store for us all. As said above ‘Save Me’ seems like that balancing track mid-release and live show and will likely make its mark more so later on within the context of said future release.

That’s not to say ‘Save Me’ is a bad track, not at all in fact, it is well written and emotive carrying a taste of latter-day Yellowcard with its comparatively huge chorus and infectious melodies.

Anddd thats the waaaayyyy the news goes.

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