Eleusia and The ‘Drug Of You’ Single/Video.

Eleusia – Medway, England, United Kingdom.

Photo credit – Alex Underwood Photography.
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To Medway again now for a look at the new video from Eleusia which is the second of three video/singles set between July 2017 and early 2018. In the latest signal the sound we know so far as Eleusia is supplanted for something almost completely astray from their usual repertoire of occasionally Punk-charged Psychedelic Funk-Rock.

Thick Wolfmother-esque Blues-Rock is your guide to this one. The Psychedelic tone of the band is present but coated in such blues-reverb that it is but a sideline in the band’s heaviest most classically toned track to date. The Funk isn’t off the table however, in the closing parts the distorted Psychedelia makes use of the band’s foundations as the final innocent falls.

What am I talking about? Watch the video.

With two videos down showcasing two very different sounds and two very different but very well produced videos, we have but to wonder what the next instalment will be and after that, the next release.

Eleusia are treading exciting ground, keep and eye out and for the love of Funk don’t go on any secluded dog walks, for they are full of nefarious characters.

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