Fresh Picks: Hillview.

Hillview – Los Angles, California, USA.

With their genetic heritage including seminal names such as Ten Foot Pole and Union 13, Hillview are from strong stock. Now this is important because in these uncertain times the global Punk-Rock scene has found its strength and resolve and that’s fantastic. These bleak times need a soundtrack the Punks of the past and present have responded, which is where Hillview come in.

The band to date have but three tracks to their name which you can download for free via various sources while the debut numerically significant release is pieced together. The melodies and speed of the three are nothing but anthemic alongside true conviction and blatant proof that the stigma attached to melodic Punk-Rock music by the scenes more classic or dare-I-say elitist members, is really quite unfounded.

‘Find The Way’ will have fans of the more contemporary titans of tech-Punk hooked with its jagged intro, with A Wilhelm Scream and the recently returned This Is A Standoff coming to mind. The verses are straight-to-point Punk critique over up-tempo Skate Punk with strong low-riding prominent bass-work tying it all in. ‘Find The Way’ has the crowd pleasing fist-pumping chorus down to a tee with a strong emotive refrain and final verse leading onto a vintage and air-guitar prompting solo that shows the band’s stylistic genetics plainly and proudly.

‘Pictures Of You’ plays with the band’s old-school Hardcore roots while plying it with emotive vocals and backing vocals worthy of Bad Religion, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole (obviously) and a whole host of melodic Punk royalty.

Hillview could just play fast, they could just sing of their societal distaste in fast songs that balance said distaste  with sing-a-longs thrown everywhere and in many ways they tick these boxes but with one notable and crucial difference, they play with such emotion that every note is utterly anthemic and helped along by expert-level credentials.

Hillview are making an already healthy scene even healthier, trust me, I’m a Doctor.

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Matthew Speer

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