Red Winter and The ‘Worst Band In The World’ Single.

Red Winter – Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

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(Cover) Photography credit: Trash Monkey Pics.

To Liverpool now where Red Winter have returned with their new and not necessarily aptly titled new single ‘Worst Band In The World’. The band are one for the 90’s and early 2000’s and all that they taught the Punk and Pop-Punk community, they are also a band that wish to push this sound back to the forefront and for that you can’t blame them.

Their previous single ‘Some Friend You Were’ leaned strongly on vintage Strung Out-esque guitars, away from the sometimes darker Descedents-ism of their previous material towards something of a British rendition of So-Cal legends Face To Face. This track alongside their previous material left your 90’s Punk cravings sated but with an ambiguous after taste onto where the band would go next.

Well, in what seems to be a trend with Red Winter, the new single explores yet another angle via witty classic British Punk-Rock complete with self-deprecating snotty humour. With such dated rhythms and shouted vocals Red Winter mock the troubles of underground band brilliantly and conjure their humourous lyricisms clearly but also one of a crowd singing the very words back to them. This may well be the “joke” song of the set but its a good one.

With luck we will see an EP or an album either later this year or early 2018, a release that could well sound the complete contrary to whatever it is you predict. Red Winter are exploring their sound and its both exiting and intriguing, even if they are the worst band in the world.

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