Ghost Of The Avalanche – ‘Oblivion A/B Charity Single’.

Ghost Of The Avalanche – Frome, England, United Kingdom.

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Frome two-piece Ghost Of The Avalanche have had a busy 2017, the band completed their first mini-tour on European soil, released a sonically colossal and indeed unstoppable fourth EP and after what was said to be a world ending last show before the departure of founding member Mel-Per-Hour, they have chosen to end the year with a charity release single.

Fear not however for the fabled name of GOTA will be continuing on into 2018 so with that out the way this A/B side single beckons your attention. The band have taken one of the best and most Punk-rooted of their career in the form of the first track from Obsessive Compulsive Gender Dysphoria, ‘Oblivion’.

‘Oblivion’ is fast and unrelenting in its choppy earlier Hardcore Punk with the bass tone straddling both this and the later more precise and progressive 80’s Punk and Hardcore scenes. The track is a tale of woe and reckless show or cathartic emotion against the back drop of a failing world and it’s fantastic.

However, this was a given to many and it is in the remixed version of this honest Punk song that you find yourself on the b-side. Gavin Leesam has turned an already haunting Punk-track into something sat somewhere between contemporary electronic soundtracks and gloom of the Post-Punk era. The already maniacal laughter and rage-file screams from Mr. Nick Wiltone is amplified into something dark and dangerous in a way I myself have failed to come across via most remixed Rock songs.

The remixed ‘Oblivion’ is a worthy enough to join the GOTA sound ranks and if that wasn’t enough all proceeds from the track will go to the charity Shelter who try their utmost to provide warmth and shelter to those homeless in this the coldest part of the year.

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