A Pre-Xmas Riot Via Quit Yr Job Records and Do-IY At The Island – 15/12/17.

The Island – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

To sign off the year with something a little different, upstart Bristol Arts Collective D0-IY and infant self-coined Dream-Punk label Quit Yr Job Records are putting together one last blow-out through a combination of underground bands, DJs and artwork and it isn’t something to miss.

The underground now unused police cells of the Bristol Venue The Island will be the canvas to which these bands will play to and when they are done with their own medium will themselves allow the DJs of Do-IY to play on from 11pm on to the early hours.

Beefywink – Bath.

Photo credit: Small Grey Cat – Click Here.

Quit Yr Job will be bringing along the Bath based Post-Punk/Punk/Grunge hybrid Beefywink as they cascade through socio-politcal ills and general societal frustration with their gloom-ridden tone, distorted Grunge clarity or lack there-of and bubbling Punk-Rock catharsis.

The band’s debut EP Indecent Exposure is a must listen for those into any real facet of underground rock. What do I mean? Well, Beefywink’s sound is as niche as it isn’t. You can hear twanging Blues-Rock guitars as much as you can its upbeat not actually related at all Indie Rock cousin. Punk-charge and inspiration permeates the band as a whole whether its through the upbeat Indie-Classic Punk cross ‘Living In The End Days’ or the Grunge toned disregarding attitude of ‘Yesterday’.

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Moth – Bristol.

Ah, Moth. The music journalist’s worst nightmare. The only real presence this band have to their name and indeed the public can be broken down into three things. Their one show so far, the fact they are on Quit Yr Job Records and that I have now had TWO press kits that have contained images or photos of this elusive “Dream-Punk” band.

In fact, you could say Moth are about as present and recognisable as a headless frontman in a press photo where it is quite possible that the only member of the audience was the camera-human and that they were also blindfolded and pointed in the right direction by someone who left before the band started…

There is one thing though, I have been assured by the band’s frontal voice-box that studio recording has begun. Oh and Moth will be playing this show if that wasn’t obvious.

You guessed it! I have no Moth related links for you.

Rainmaker – Bristol.

‘Peace, Metronomy, Joy Division, Kasabian, The Cure, Bowie, Sonic Youth, The Maccabees, My Bloody Valentine, The Pixies’ – These are just a few household names on the Rainmaker influences roster and I have to say, with their debut EP from March, they certainly hit the nail on the head. The band have a contemporary Indie/Indie Rock flare that sits as more of an aesthetic than anything else but does indeed spike up in the guitar work almost always exactly at the right moment.

The band also bathe you in Post-Punk and New Wave within moments of opening seconds of ‘Men’ all the way through to the end of ‘Gonzo’ which is the best of the EP as a whole. The strongest aspect of Rainmaker however is the constant contrast between these playful but gloom-ridden sounds and the weight of the band as a whole via their Alternative Rock and Grunge influences.

With a new EP released in a couple of days (09/12/17) where Moth (who?) are also playing this later show on the 15th will be sure to be a little something special.

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Be honest, how much do you really like conventional Christmas time? Wouldn’t you rather go to Punk-esque, grungey, prison-like, art-covered and community feeling night before such an inevitability of your Mum trying passing you the hated brussel sprouts? I would.

You can find all the Quit Yr Job Records paraphernalia and event link below:


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