The Suicide Tuesdays: New Single & Album Announcement.

The Suicide Tuesdays – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

As names in the eclectic Melbourne Alternative and Punk music scene, both Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays are not uncommon in mention. Formed in 2014 the band have been (maybe) inadvertently teasing all those who know of them over the web, in person and on stage for a debut release.

Well, the time is now. Today we see a new single and video and an announcement that on 18/01/18 the band will be releasing their debut album, This Is For You, via Whisk & Key Records which is great news for all you edge-of-your-seaters. ‘1997’ is the first single from this forthcoming album and carries all the hallmarks that has made the band such an underground trend.

‘1997’ breaks-in via mid-tempo semi-acoustic Folk Punk with the driven melodies so common in Australian Punk-Rock riding alongside sharp vocals that in the tradition of the genre are honest beyond the words being sung. ‘1997’ is at the faster more weighted end of Folk Punk for the most part which leaves this forthcoming album sounding prospectively better by the second as something set just to acoustic strings and a full band can sometimes fall into mediocrity.

Please don’t worry though, for anything associated with Mr. Guiton will not falter as thus. ‘1997’ is a track about the sadness of things falling into memory but on the flip-side of said feeling, those very memories carry so much weight in happiness that those broken skipping records are need not changed and that is the very point isn’t it?

18/01/18 is the day and This Is For You will be available from Whisk & Key as well as on digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, bandcamp and more. Pre-Orders are now live via Whisk & Key’s website.

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