Bleach Party and The ‘Get Stoked’ EP.

Bleach Party – Tuscon, Arizona, USA.

Have you ever imagined Surf Rock toned guitars hailing from a region nowhere near any real surf-able areas or breaks? Did you then imagine that layered liberally over 80’s Hardcore Punk and come to the conclusion that if Poison Idea had been a little more “tubular” this would be it? No, well that’s funny because that’s exactly what we have here.

Bleach Party from Tuscon, Arizona, are very much the embodiment of such, they take dated-Hardcore Punk and filter it through these tin-like Garage guitar tones and Surfy-easy-going aesthetic. Obviously drinking Bleach isn’t the best for your health but the opening ‘Drink Bleach’ answers the age-old question of what to do at 3am…

‘Jeff’s Weenie’ takes a more classic Punk line via American humour and 77′ British Punk with a later-down-the-line sharpness to it. ‘Turbulent Juice’ is fast classic 80’s Hardcore with that haunting guitar tone and its eerie melodies playfully laying across the top. The band in this third track are at their most discordant in their own melodic way and it marks for some of their best. Something something inter -dimensional cable.

Rock n’ Roll Hardcore is your sound to the ‘Crust Fund’ where the band pick wholes in those rebellious Punks who aren’t quite as hard-up as they’d have you believe, not that you have to be destitute to be deemed Punk but faking it is not the way to go.

In truth as much as the band achieve the discordant Punk sound well enough, the hazy clarity does unfortunately leave some of the layered aspects of the band’s own take on Punk-Rock not quite sounding as good as they really should. This is particularly clear on the final and despite this, best track on the release, ‘Party Buster’.

The band fall back on a mid-tempo number with a memorable chorus, melodic guitar-lines and equally melodic vocals that really quite rescue any really criticism on this debut EP. I look forward to the next chapter.

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Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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